“We have created a community bonded by the passion and love for the game of poker…” – INTERVIEW WITH SPADEPOKER.TV

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We have 16 competitors – biggest names and rising stars, companies and individuals alike.
In the first match OP-Poker knocked out Pocarr, then bitB-Spins triumphed over Drew Gonzalez.
In Match3 PokerDetox meets SpadePokerTV.

Today I’m interviewing David, the editor in chief of SpadePoker.tv.

Some of our readers may not have heard about SpadePoker. Could you please introduce your site? When did you start, what is your mission?
The story of our brand has started 8 years ago, when we established the team. SpadePoker is the only company in Central Europe strictly focusing on broadcasting poker events. We started operating in Slovakia, then as more and more events needed our services, we expanded to basically every country in Central Europe. We have broadcasted over hundred events successfully, including some of the flagship tournaments of PokerStars.
Early in 2016 we decided to launch our own news portal, which first started in Slovakia, but now we are present and strong in Hungary and the Czech Republic as well. Earlier our soul goal was to produce high quality in broadcasting, but now our mission includes providing up-to-date information and educational content for poker lovers. We have created a community bonded by the passion and love for the game of poker.

I see you have an extensive interview section at SpadePoker.tv, do you have some favourite ones?
We personally love doing reports and interviews and our followers are also excited about these as they can get an insight to the every day life of top professionals and other important players of the industry. Should I choose the top 3 interviews, I would start by the one we did with Leon Tsukernik (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAt2PMEBzqA) who is the owner of the biggest card room in Europe. He is a regular in the Super High Roller tournaments and is absolutely passionate about the game. Another favourite of mine is the one we did with Jack Effel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrdH8UFBO4Q) , who is tournament director of WSOP and has invaluable experience in organizing and running huge live events. And we should not forget about Krisztián Györgyi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y95npjqR7U), who made the boldest bluff in the history of televised poker with his 72o on the final table of EPT Monte Carlo main event. He showed again that an every day, normal guy can have great success in poker, that’s why we love this game.

You also have a very up-to-date newsfeed and very lively blog section. I personally am really impressed by that, what is your secret, does it take a lot of effort to keep things rolling so consistently?
I’m really happy to face this question and I would like to take the opportunity and say a big thank you to all our team, who push themselves hard every day to collect and publish the latest content for our community. This is indeed challenging, but our team is really dedicated, that’s why we can perform consistently on a high level. Most of us have a background as a player, so collecting and producing poker content is not only a job for us, it’s more of a passion.

The growth of the blog section is quite organic: it’s an opportunity for the players in our community to share their goals, their achievements and sometimes their failures as well. That is one of the most visited sections of our portal, you can find really interesting and entertaining stories there 🙂

The type of content we are most proud of is the live report section. If you love poker you must agree that the atmosphere of a big event is indescribable – a card room full of players, the rattling of chips, the voices of tension, joy is a special experience we would like to share with our audience. The live streams of final tables are the whipped cream and cherry, but we also want to show the road leading there, so our followers can enjoy a special experience from the start of the tournament to the moment when the champion lifts the trophy.
We are conscious to build SpadePoker as a quality brand, so we pay special attention to the visual elements, e.g. the news section is boosted by photos of our specialist. We are happy to see that our partners, the players and the clubs all appreciate these efforts.

What do you think, which are the most important factors separating steady winning players from the rest of the field?
It pretty obvious that strategy in poker has been evolving in a fast pace. Based on my experience and on conversations with top winners I think the decisive factors are discipline and hard work. Anyone can win a tournament or two, but if you want to perform consistently on the highest level, you have to keep learning, improving and should never be satisfied with your current grade.
Apart from pure strategy a new area that has become extremely important is the mental game. This topic is not restricted to ’not tilting’! It includes your capacity to manage your bankroll, your schedule, to be able to put in the volume to the best games available, while minimizing the risk of going broke. Top players need to face extreme swings and being able to find the balance between being fearless and being controlled is really challenging. So you have to set your goals and you have to be persistent, but obviously you also need some luck here and there! 🙂

What kind of content can we expect to see from you at CheckDecide?
We are going to put together interactive quizzes on different topics to help beginners. Also, I believe we will be able to convince some of our partners to shoot some nice scores up there.

Do you like your chances in the Custom Felt Competition against PokerDetox? 🙂
We will see 🙂 PokerDetox is a very solid project and we are happy to see them growing, in fact I think we will find a way to cooperate in the future and produce some quality content together. The fact that PokerDetox works together with Ivan ’ILS007’ Stokes is special for me, as I used to take coaching from him a few years ago. Knowing how amazing a mind he has, I am sure there project will be top quality.
The fact that they are open for English speaking audience makes their chances better, but I believe in our Slovakian, Czech and Hungarian supporters so we will not give up! 🙂

Thanks a lot for the interview!

You can find SpadePoker at
https://spadepoker.tv/    https://spadepoker.hu/   https://spadepoker.cz/


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