As you probably noticed, CheckDecide has improved a lot in the recent months. We’ve been working our heart off, released more than 10 update packs in 2021 and finally all the important functionalities work smooth! We also added unique new features like attaching images or recording audio notes to your hands!  🙂

Now it’s time to start focusing on filling the site with quality content!

My plan is to create an open marketplace:

–          coaches could create their own interactive content in minutes, by uploading hand packages and dropping notes to the key spots

–          they could set the price of their content as they wish

–          most of the revenue would go to them directly

–          other users could create their own links and earn money as affiliates

–          customers could cherry pick the best items at very affordable prices and learn in an efficient and fun way!

The marketplace will be open for any poker school or individual around the globe, but in order to have high quality content there available from Day1, we started booking strategic partnerships.

Our first strategic partner is CNC Poker!

CNC Poker is an elite club, where members can sign up to live interactive group coaching sessions as well as private 1-1 coaching.

They have some absolute crushers on board:

I cannot tell how happy I am that guys of this dimension will start sharing their tournaments/cash game sessions in CheckDecide!

We will open the marketplace in May and activate our partnership there, but I will do my best to squeeze some free content from them beforehand. 😉  

In the meantime you may want to check out their coaching schedule, they have some sick sessions coming in March: https://cncpoker.com/weekly-schedule/



Valdemar 'Luigi' Kwaysser

13 years as professional poker player 10 years experience as poker coach. Born Hungarian, living in Valencia, Spain. 36 yo, married, happy father of two. Founder of CheckDecide