New tournament review with detailed commentary

I’ve just finished the review of a tournament run:

my 50€ Progressive KO victory on

If you log in, you can read dozens of comments breaking down why i chose a certain line or certain sizing. If you want to become a steady winner in low- and mid-stakes tournaments, this is a really valuable content!

I have to mention that I was not happy with all my plays: one of the great advantages of a review like this is that you can quickly realize the spots where you tend to make a sloppy decision in-game, but easily make the correct play when reviewing the run with cool head and max focus.

Here is a step-by-step guide how to review your own (or your friend’s) tournament run in a very time-efficient and enjoyable way:

  1. filter for VPIP=true in your tracker program (you may lose a few hands where Hero made an incorrect fold preflop, but that’s generally okay)
  2. upload the filtered hands to CheckDecide as a package (just click on the Upload hands button, the rest should be very straightforward – but here is a tutorial in case you get stuck)
  3. click through the hands quickly, and make comments where you see yourself deviating from Hero’s play

By this method you can review a full tournament in a few minutes in a really fun and efficient way!

Should you have any question, feel free to tag me in our Discord channel, i’m more than happy to answer! 😉

Valdemar 'Luigi' Kwaysser

13 years as professional poker player 10 years experience as poker coach. Born Hungarian, living in Valencia, Spain. 36 yo, married, happy father of two. Founder of CheckDecide