More than 1.000.000 spin&gos at $100 level – INTERVIEW WITH BITB SPINS

CheckDecide is running the 1st Custom Felt Competition in these weeks!
Our partners use the replayer with customized skins, now it’s time to vote whose table looks the coolest!
We have 16 competitors – biggest names and rising stars, companies and individuals alike.
In the first match OP-Poker knocked out Pocarr. OP-Poker’s opponent in the quarter finals will be the winner of the second match, where Drew ’BetOnDrew’ Gonzalez is facing the bitB Spins stable.

Today we are interviewing Mate Szepeshelyi, who is co-owner of bitB-Spins.

BitB-Spins is one of the biggest Spin&Go stables in the world. Could you tell us a bit about the start? When did you launch, what were your goals and expectations back then?
Originally we started as a heads-up sit&go stable for the Hungarian market. The founders were all successful heads-up players so we saw how profitable that format could be for hard-working players. We were confident that we could share our knowledge and help other players while increasing our hourly as well.
We also believe that adapting to new circumstances is a key factor to become and to stay successful – both as a player and as a company. So when PokerStars introduced spin&gos, we were quick to try them and we managed to build a system that has made hundreds of players successful in this format.
Later we partnered up with bitB Staking and got new vibes and resources which helped us become successful internationally.

What makes bitB Spins unique, why should an aspiring player choose you instead of other stables?
We serve our players with the highest level of education and we closely monitor every single player to find the leaks and help them improve quickly. In addition we have a naturally close partnership with the tournament section of bitB, so players can get new impulse by trying a different format of the game, either permanently or just temporarily to recharge the batteries. We don’t simply want to help our players succeed in their poker career, but want them to improve in their personal life as well, so we put a lot of energy to build a helpful community and to improve their mental game.

Have you seen examples when someone who struggled with tournaments became a steady winner in spin&gos or a spin player switched to tournaments successfully?
Yes, we have success stories vice versa. However we can confidently say that an average Spin&Go player still makes better hourly than an average low or mid stakes tournament player.

Has the stable managed to bink extreme prized spin&gos already?
Yes, our player Sejdeamiota won a Million Dollar Spin&Go and we also scored some top jackpots from midstakes. The variance is huge, but the good news is you can be a steady winner even if you never spin a huge one.

What are the most important factors when evaluating an applicant? Should they already be a steady winner?
We require a sample of 2000 games proving that the applicant has a decent understanding of the game, but the most important skill we look for is the capacity to improve, to consistently perform on the higher end of their current skill level. If someone has decent logic, a very strong mental game, and is humble enough to grind steadily it’s only a matter of time when the great results arrive. Of course this is easier said than done, but players like Vladu90 and Yonggery1  are perfect examples how you can reach unbelievable goals with consistent hard work.

Has Covid-19 affected the operations of your stable?
Well, a bit embarrassing to admit, but it actually has been an amazing period for spins, the traffic has been great and the games have been softer at every level.

What kind of content can we expect to see from you at CheckDecide?
We will mostly upload thematic educational content exclusively for our players, but when we have an outstanding score we will share it publicly. For example the Million Dollar Spin of Sejdeamiota is already accessible for everyone! 😉

Do you like your chances in the Custom Felt Competition against BetOnDrew? 🙂
Absolutely, we have great supporters, Drew has to do real magic to get into the quarter finals! 😉

Thanks a lot for the interview & best of luck at the tables!

You can find bitB Spins and ProPokerBacking at

Valdemar 'Luigi' Kwaysser

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