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I’m Valdemar Kwaysser,  the founder of, and I’m kicking off my blog today 🙂

I’m going to post here about:

  • the development of CheckDecide
  • my personal life
  • exploitative strategy to crush low-/mid-stakes poker tournaments
  • career advices: what I learned during my 13 years as a professional player

About my poker background briefly:
I was a very persistent midstakes grinder, some of you may remember me as ’Luigi da BP’ on PokerStars, ’profikiller73’ on PartyPoker or ’NitkellembM’ on Winamax. I always spent a lot of time in the lab, figuring things out, discussing concepts with poker friends, and doing simulations in PIO and HRC.

During my poker career I cashed for ~ 7M $ and made over 2M $ profit live and online combined. I had some big scores, including a WSOP bracelet in Vegas for the 10k PLH Championship, and LAPT and IPT titles, but my main achievement is that I managed to stay a very steady winner in online tournaments through all my career. Actually my very best period online was of the last 6 months before I quit grinding in order to design and manage CheckDecide 🙂



CheckDecide is an open platform where anyone can create interactive poker content in seconds. Check out this brief of us:





Checkdecide is NOT about me teaching poker. However I believe LOW-MID STAKES TOURNAMENTS are special animals, and I realized they are rarely discussed with the proper approach. I played a ton of them, I have a lot of unique hints to share, so I decided to start a series of posts to help aspiring poker players improve as fast as possible. The fact that I’m retiring from the daily grind allows me to reveal really exploitative reads on the population, ones that active players would never like to share with you!

Check regularly to find more and more posts with easy-to-apply hints!

Valdemar 'Luigi' Kwaysser

13 years as professional poker player 10 years experience as poker coach. Born Hungarian, living in Valencia, Spain. 36 yo, married, happy father of two. Founder of CheckDecide

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    Thank you Luigi!! I find CD really helpful. Very nice Blog entry.

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