‘I like to have fun at my streams, have a few beers and talk with the people’ – INTERVIEW WITH BABABOOEY75

CheckDecide is running the 1st Custom Felt Competition in these weeks!

Our partners can use the replayer with their logo on it, now it’s time to vote whose table looks the coolest!

We have 16 competitors – biggest names and rising stars, companies and individuals alike.

In the earlier matches OP-Poker defeated Pocarr, bitB Spins knocked out BetOnDrew, then SpadePokerTV won against PokerDetox. Lately Team4Bet made a last minute take over against BluffTheSpot and HedgehogStaking triumphed in an epic battle against StandardBacking.

Match#6 is a real David vs Goliath:  Petri Metsämaa aka ’Bababooey75 facing Jeff Gross.

Today we are interviewing Bababooey75, a special one amongst the competitors. He is not a professional player: he has a full-time job, so poker is just profitable hobby for him. As for streaming, thats just a hobby without any profits.

Hi Petri, welcome to the competition! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

At the moment I work in IT sector as a full time software developer. I am 40 years old and been playing on and off for more than 15 years. First time I got introduced to poker was around 2003 when there was those legendary WPT shows showing on TV.

I think the first games I played online were 9 or 10 handed 5c/10c cash games at Paradise Poker. At the time I was studying and once I learned the game a bit I was able to get few hundreds a month profits to support my studies playing mostly 25c/50c 6 handed cash games on different European sites. That lasted until 2008 when I finally ended my studies and got a job as junior software developer. That’s when I got my first long break from poker.

Fast forward to year 2015 (if i recall correct) when I got back to playing poker. I started to play PokerStars Spin & Go tournaments but pretty fast ended up playing MTT’s. Didn’t have much of success playing Spin & Go’s so good thing I found MTTs. Got really good starts playing MTTs. Mostly because I was lucky enough to find a good coach right from the start that changed my game. I don’t think I would be playing anymore if I hadn’t found a good coach like that, who helped me a lot from the game theory point to building a solid tournament schedule. Thanks Korpisoturi 😉

First streams I did was also 2015 i think. Without any webcam, just for testing out twitch as a platform. I think I did those streams on and off for few months before I had few year break from streaming. I got back to streaming around May 2017 and again it was just for fun. I have been streaming since almost weekly and I usually stream once a week on Saturdays. I love the interaction I can have with other poker players on Twitch and I have found many good friends through streaming.

Do you have a mission as a streamer? What makes your show special?

I don’t really have a mission as a streamer. I’m from Finland and I do my streams in Finnish so there is not that big market for poker streams here. I do have few English speaking people watching the streams now and them, but 98% I would say are Finnish. I do speak English, so I would not mind if more English speaking people would come and say hi 😊

I like to have fun at my streams, have few beers and talk with the people who are watching and chatting. Every now and then will have special ”muki-streams” where I have little bit more than few beers, play some wild poker and just have fun! Also few times a year I like to invite some poker friend/friends to my apartment and we do party/poker stream. Those are always fun!

What has been the greatest moment so far in your career as a poker player/streamer?

I’m sure my greatest moments as a poker player and a streamer are still to come. Hopefully will win some Sunday major while streaming.

Are you thinking about giving up your daily job and turning into a full-time poker pro/streamer?

I’ve thought about this few times in recent years but always decided that my current life situation is so perfect that there is no need to make big move like that. I do think I could support myself as a poker player, but not sure if it would be worth it. My main concern about being poker pro is the fact that no one really knows how the games are lets say in 5 years. Mainly I’m concerned about the AI and bots. How many years the poker sites can fight against those?

What do you do in your free time, what gives you joy apart from poker?

At the moment most of my free time goes playing poker and studying the game. I also got back training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu this year but the corona situation has put that on a hold. I hope to get back to tatami after the summer.

What kind of content can we expect to see from you at CheckDecide?

I think I will be mostly uploading hand and tournament histories there. I have not looked into all the possibilities that CheckDecide provides but I’m very impressed what they have done so far. Hopefully the site keeps growing and more features are added in the near future.

Do you like your chances in the Custom Felt Competition against Jeff Gross? 🙂

I do, even though Jeff might have slightly bigger audience than I do 😉

Thanks a lot for the interview & best of luck at the tables!

You can discover more about Bababooey75 at





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