‘Every student’s coaching experience is tailored towards their personal goals and needs’ – INTERVIEW WITH BLUFFTHESPOT

CheckDecide is kicking off the 1st Custom Felt Competition this week!

Our partners use the replayer with customized skins, now it’s time to vote whose table looks the coolest!

We have 16 competitors – biggest names and rising stars, companies and individuals alike.

In the first match OP-Poker defeated Pocarr in a close match, then bitB Spins triumphed over BetOnDrew and SpadePokerTV knocked out PokerDetox.

Match4 is a special one, which could easily be the final between two giants of stables: BluffTheSpot and Team 4Bet

I’m here with Svansa, the co-founder  of BluffTheSpot.  BluffTheSpot is one of the biggest stables in the industry. Could you tell us a few words about the start? When did it happen, what were your goals and expectations back then?

We, this is RunLikePanda, MMAsherdog and myself founded BluffTheSpot back in 2015.

Our initial goal was to build a small stable around motivated up and coming poker players that we thought could benefit a lot from our expertise as poker professionals.

The three of us benefited a lot in our own careers by the synergy effect of being surrounded by like minded individuals and the great poker community that we were welcomed in in Malta.

That’s why we decided to build our coaching as mid to longterm coaching for profits deals that would show and secure our commitment towards our students.

I can proudly say that we’ve been part of hundreds of success stories over the last few years. Some of our initial students turned into succesful highstakes players of their own and what makes me most proud about this is that they decided to give back to the BTS community themselves by joining our coaching team and helping their successors walk a similar path.

BluffTheSpot has come a long way. We currently have more than 100 active students in our stable and more than 15 coaches, many of whom play the highest stakes both live and online.

Do you do coaching for tournaments, spin&gos as well, or you are strictly about cash games?

BluffTheSpot does only offer coaching for cash games. We offer coaching for fixed limit holdem, no limit holdem and pot limit omaha.

However, I must say that our players are also very succesful in tournament poker. Whether this is due to our cashgame coaching is up for debate 😉

What is special about BluffTheSpot, why should an aspiring player choose you instead of other stables?

There are many great content providers and stables in today’s poker environment. This is definitely something that has improved in the poker landscape over the last few years.

I believe that BluffTheSpot has the best community which is a very important factor in the development as a player.

Furthermore, our coaching roster and experience speaks for itself.  We have a variety of active and winning mid and highstakes players working as exclusive BluffTheSpot coaches.

Our experience of having coached hundreds of players over the last few years has also allowed us to perfect our methods. 

No stone is left unturned and we are always fully commited to the longterm success of our students.

Every students coaching experience is tailored towards their personal goals and needs. We cover all the various aspects that play a role in the career of a poker professional.

You have started to become active recently in content creation, I see an increasing volume of quality content in your YouTube channel. What is the difference between the free, public content you share and the services you offer for your students?

We believe that giving back to the community that has helped us so much in the past is a very natural thing.  We offer both fun and informative content on our youtube and other social media channels.

Our coaches do also regularly stream on twitch and give a sneak peek into what the BluffTheSpot community looks like internally.

Our PLO headcoach Runchuks offers a twitch channel of his own and does regular podcasts with very well known figures of the poker world.

However, we obviously reserve the premium content to our students. Our students get access to our private forum and our video library which contains hundreds of hours of recorded poker content exclusive to BTS students.

What is the top story/your sweetest moment about your stable?

I honestly cannot pinpoint one direct example.  Personally, my biggest joy is when I get stacked by one of our students for the first time.(laughs)

We have luckily had so many success stories over the years and as I said earlier, I am always very grateful when those players stay part of the BTS family and give back to the community themselves.

I use the word „family” on purpose because this is how BTS feels to a lot of us.

What kind of content can we expect to see from you at CheckDecide?

We will upload both individual hand packages and full sessions. Most of our content will be exclusive to the  BluffTheSpot Lab and BluffTheSpot CFP members but we will also upload public content.

Do you like your chances in the Custom Felt Competition against Team 4Bet? 🙂

Only time will tell…

Thanks a lot for the interview & best of luck at the tables!

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