‘Anyone can offer money and take a percentage of winnings…’ – INTERVIEW WITH POCARR

CheckDecide is kicking off the 1st Custom Felt Competition this week!

Our partners use the replayer with customized skins, now it’s time to vote whose table looks the coolest!

We have 16 competitors – biggest names and rising stars, companies and individuals alike.

In the first match OP-Poker meets Pocarr..

Today we are interviewing Alex Carr – the founder.

Pocarr is one of the best-established backing companies in the industry. Could you tell us a few words about the start? When did it happen, what were your goals and expectations back then?

Back in 2009 I really enjoyed teaching/coaching.  I had been speaking with a few training sites at the time, but the hourly I was being offered wasn’t worth sharing the material with hundreds, if not thousands of people.  The best way I could think of to coach, receive a higher hourly, and reduce the number of people exposed to the strategies was to stake.  Things grew incrementally over time as we added players, coaches, and expanded to other formats.  I didn’t have many long term goals or expectations back then, but I could certainly see working with 100+ players even back then.  

What makes Pocarr different than other stables, why should an aspiring player choose you instead of other stables?

Anyone can offer money and take a percentage of winnings.  We reinvest a large percentage of what we receive back into coaching, servers, charts, webinars, meet-ups, research, mental coaching.  We work very hard to stay ahead of the curve and incrementally improve each day. 

Do you have plans to expand your services to streaming and public content creation?

We currently do not offer services or coaching to non-backees.  We may expand in the future, but right now our singular focus is helping our players reach their goals. 

Has Covid-19 affected the operations of your stable?

It’s been very busy. A great time to play!

What kind of content can we expect to see from you at CheckDecide?

We will mostly upload hands with friends privacy, only accessible for our students. We will also upload hand packages for our monthly private webinars. However from time to time we may share some nice hands and tourney runs publicly as a teaser 😉

Do you like your chances in the Custom Felt Competition against OP-Poker? 🙂

It’s good to have confidence, so yes!  Good luck to them!

Thanks a lot for the interview & best of luck at the tables!

You can find Pocarr at




Valdemar 'Luigi' Kwaysser

13 years as professional poker player 10 years experience as poker coach. Born Hungarian, living in Valencia, Spain. 36 yo, married, happy father of two. Founder of CheckDecide