7 ways to boost your learning process by CheckDecide

I received several questions from you about practical details in the last weeks, and I usually managed to surprise you by revealing some of the less-known features. So I figured it would be worth dedicating a post to describing the exact ways you can make your learning process more efficient by CheckDecide. 

This post is going to be a bit tutorialish, but I believe each of the following features can save you significant amount of time!

Tip no.1: Upload your marked hands in a package and get a review from your coach or poker friend!

  • copy all the questionable hands together to your clipboard
  • click on the SNAP button
  • select an icon, give it a title and click on Done
  • congrats, your hand package is uploaded!

  • click on Start now
  • click on the SHARE button and create link to your hand package
  • send the link to your coach/friend
  • they can click the hands through in seconds

When they are done with the reviews:

  • open the multibar: by default you see the average match% for all the users who reviewed your hands
  • if you are interested in 1 specific user: select that name in the rolldown
  • check which hands have low match%
  • make comments to those hands street-by-street
  • when they reply, you will see a the hand package jumping to the top of your content list + you will see a red chat bubble beside the hands where the last comment is not made by you

Tip no.2: Post your hand to CheckDecide’s Discord channel!

  • copy a hand history to your clipboard
  • click on the SNAP button: your hand gets uploaded and a link is generated and copied back to your clipboard, ready to share!
  • paste the link to the REVIEW PLEASE section of our Discord channel
  • I personally review every hand, and some cashgame or spin specialist friends of mine also join and review when necessary. We are also happy to answer written questions there. Come and test our promise! 🙂

Tip no.3: Review tournament runs and hand packages uploaded by steady winners!

If you have a coach, ask them to upload some of their deep runs to CheckDecide! If the two of you make friendship (Your profile/FRIENDS tab), and they set their upload to friends privacy, they don’t have to worry that anyone else but you accesses

If you don’t have a coach, you can still access numerous valuable content!

At this moment we have 487 hand packages uploaded to CheckDecide, most of them are public.

You can always find a ton of public deep runs on Andre Coimbra’s profile

Charlie Carrel and Jeff Gross also shared some nice runs.

In case you are looking for low stakes tournament runs with DETAILED COMMENTARY, visit the ’CD_Original’ profile

If you happen to find a hand where the original play doesn’t make sense for you: click on the SHARE button, create a link to that one hand and post it to the Discord channel! We are happy to join the discussion!

Tip no.4: Review your own hand package!

This may sound wierd, but many disciplined, advanced players mentioned me how surprisingly low their match% is on their own play! I also recognized this, I often finish with ~80% match on my own uploads.

Part of the deviation may come from special stats I might have seen in my HUD when playing the hand, but most of the deviation simply shows which are the situations where my reflexes are weak, therefore when I play tired or too many tables, I tend to make sloppy decisions, while with cool head, off-session I play them correctly. Highlighting these spots is really valuable, can boost the learning process significantly!

Tip no.5: Create thematic tests to reveal your own leaks!

Unsure about cbetting out of position? How about the same in 3bet pots? Facing checkraises? Not checkraising enough yourself? Confused about limping/minraising/openjamming in bounty tournaments with 20-25 big-blinds? How to probe turns? Do you barrel enough on rivers?


If you manage to identify a spot where you might be leaking, follow these steps:

  • filter in your tracker program (HoldemManager/PokerTracker/Hand2Note) to that situation
  • export/copy a bunch of those hands to your clipboard together
  • click on the SNAP button and upload them as a hand package
  • at first you are going to see the hands as a normal CD hand package: you have to make decisions on all streets

This is not what we want, we want to focus on your leak, so transform it into a strict test:

  • click on the red test icon in the header of the replayer
  • select the street and the rank of action (e.g. flop checkraising is FLOP+2, as you want to focus on the second decision on the flop)
  • Click on ’Transform to test’ and Confirm
  • your thematic test is ready!
  • send it to your coach or to your poker friends and ask them to click it through
  • if you don’t have anyone to review, post it to our Discord channel, we are happy to click it through!
  • open the multibar and check which hands generated the lowest match%: chances are those spots are worth the discussion!
  • ask your coach/friend or post your questions to our Discord channel!
  • Here is a sample test for continuation betting out of position (3 hands)

Tip no.6: Boost your private coaching sessions!

If you are lucky enough to have a coach, CheckDecide offers you a great way to make the most out of your private coachings (actually this was the origin of this project, I was fed up that we spent expensive hours talking about hands where we basically agreed – I wanted to create a tool which quickly highlights the hands you play differently).

Follow these steps:

Select ~4-5x more hands than how many you usually bring to the coaching. In my practice the best number is 50 hands, ideally of 1 standard spot (e.g. opening with 20-25bb stack in a bounty tournament: minraise/limp/openjam?)

Send the link of the hand package to your coach PRIOR TO the coaching session and ask him/her to click through the hand package PRIOR TO your session.

Clicking through the 50 hands will take ~15 minutes, which you can deduct from your private coaching, making it 45 minutes instead of 60. You still going to be much more efficient!

Open the multibar and check the match percentages

  • Arrive to the private coaching with detailed, well-structured questions ABOUT THE HANDS WHERE YOUR COACH DISAGREED with your original play!

Tip no.7: Use the FOLLOW button and see all the relevant content in one list!

Visit a profile whose content you are interested in and click on the gold ’Follow!’ button! Visit another profile and follow that as well. Your friends and the guys who you already sent friend request to are automatically booked as followed users.

  • Check the FOLLOWED tab on your home page:

The list will contain all the content accessible from all the followed players. If any of them uploads a new content, that will appear on the top of your list!

See this 1-minute tutorial vid for more details!

I hope you have found this post useful, should you have any open question, bump me on Discord (Luigi#5756) or message me to support@checkdecide.com!

Valdemar 'Luigi' Kwaysser

13 years as professional poker player 10 years experience as poker coach. Born Hungarian, living in Valencia, Spain. 36 yo, married, happy father of two. Founder of CheckDecide